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I finally joined twitter last spring, and I have to say it has opened my eyes in the world of education! I have learned so many new trends–I hate to call them trends because I don’t see these new ideas going away.  I have seen the move to student led classrooms, building engagement in our learners, changing the school environment to fit the world we are sending our students out into! I have seen changes teachers are making to help students find a love of learning–new classroom setups and suggestions, genius projects, ditching textbooks, to name a few. It has been so exciting for me to read these ideas! My head has been swimming with ideas since I joined.

Honestly, I think ALL teachers need to be on twitter. Sometimes there are ebbs and flows in a teacher’s life. Sometimes the enthusiasm bubbles out, and sometimes you just want the week to be over and start fresh. I guess I should say I’m lucky because I have changed grade levels, schools, and classrooms so often, I don’t get a chance to stay put and teach the same thing over and over. I wouldn’t want to anyway! Twitter can and will get you enthused if you need it. I love being able to connect to teachers and authors all over. I’ve joked around with Colleen Cruz while reading her book (I get giddy thinking about it), connected with Melissa Stewart and she gave my class new suggestions for using her lovely non fiction texts, and have seen other authors or well respected educators”favorite” my posts.  How awesome to be able to connect immediately!

It takes a little bit of playing, but it’s not hard. In fact, I made a google slideshow for teachers who want to learn about twitter. I was thinking I could share with some of my staff this year.

I could go on and on, but now, if you are not on twitter, go and find me: @amybrownca. Let’s connect!I will be there, downloading sample lessons, adding books to my amazon cart, and retweeting words of wisdom I come across.

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