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Hello world!

So…I did it. I decided to start a teacher blog. I plan to share books, reading activities, my journey in learning tech, and my adventures as a 4th grade teacher. Thanks for following along with me. I look forward to this new experience.

I choose to call my blog The Brown Crew because that’s what I’d like to think of my class. Instead of me being on the stage before the class, I think all my students have something to contribute. We are a crew that works together–we all need to chip in and help out as needed.

Learn Like a Pirate by Paul Solarz has been eye opening to me. YES!  I want a classroom where all my students are engaged and WANT to be there. I read the book in May, and I quickly introduced a few new ideas to the class. One was the poster that read: We are all learners. We are all teachers. Welcome to our class.  My class loved that poster!  They were so happy to be included as a teacher, and I saw them sharing ideas and helping classmates unprompted. Just that little tweak meant a lot to them. I also added “Give Me 5″…the students were able to interrupt when they had something important to add.  All students had to be respectful of their classmates and stop and freeze when someone said “Give Me 5”. I tried to give feedback to help them learn, such as “Yes, good idea to remind us of that”, “Yes, some students may need help with this. Thank you to __ for offering to help if needed”, and “I’m not sure we needed a Give Me 5 here, but I appreciate you thinking about your classmates.”  We had success with this, and it’s something I will start right away in the fall.

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