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3 more days…

Until my students start a fabulous year with me!  It’s going to be interesting to say the least! I am at a brand new school this year. The principal is so organized and enthusiastic, the teachers seem hard working already and brimming with excitement, the rooms (well, most of them) are brand new…I love my new room.

There are also the challenges…after semi-planning activities for the first week already, I found out the chromebooks won’t be arriving until the end of the first week of school. Today I learned the wireless projector wasn’t set up properly, so not sure when that will work. I did want to cry at one point today, but I remembered it’s about the KIDS. It’s about building COMMUNITY. It’s about them knowing they MATTER. Everything else is optional.  So, I scrapped the plans, the first day “Get to Know Mrs. Brown” Kahoot, the first day Padlet about what we think about our brain, the first day centers and surveys online to easily collect that “getting to know you” info…and started over. What stayed: the books, the STEM challenges to build teamwork and begin thinking it’s OK to fail, the discussion of how it’s OUR room (not mine) and that grades don’t really matter, that choosing your own seat is powerful, and the discussion about what kind of classroom do we want to have this year.  Our school is focusing on the 4 C’s (creativity/collaboration/communication/critical thinking), so I plan to use those to help guide my lessons all year. I also read this amazing article HERE and need to get my “Be Nice*Work Hard*Think Big*” words up on the wall somewhere…

So, I will take a deep breath and remember it’s all for the students.

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