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Survived the first quarter

It’s true, I survived. It wasn’t easy. I spent the whole summer reading blogs and skimming twitter, planning this new year to be awesome and techy and student centered. I couldn’t wait. Then…the kids came. The kids are incredible, but they are needy. They were scared, too. They acted out. Usually the first day of school is a bit quiet, kids sitting still, getting to know me and each other. When I had kids out of seats, shouting across the room, not sitting quietly, I knew this year would be different. So…deep breath. I had to learn to shift priorities, put classroom management first, not hand over the classroom to them…just yet.

We just started the second quarter. I feel like, for the most part, things have settled in. Though I know what changes need to be made to help my students grow. The parents have been so supportive and kind. They love my classroom economy system, they (mostly) love the fact I am not sending homework this year, they love that their child is growing. I know I need to make reader’s workshop a priority–some are not reading at home…they NEED to read. We write every day, but I need to “beef” up my conferences.

I will make it through the year, a very different year for me. I am fortunate to have the other teachers in the trenches with me. Each one is so dedicated and loving, even when we want to pull our hair out. On top of some of the student issues, we have new school issues–which could be a whole new blog post. We have found our way to get through with laughter.

So, I trudge on. Some days are better than others, but I am remembering to put the children first. It’s about them.

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